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Best Super Bowl commercial: “Betty White” Snickers commercial

By: Alan Light

Photo Credit: Alan Light

It’s the time again for the big game, the ” Super Bowl,” and the anticipation is here today. Fans, friends, and family gathered today to watch the commercials, the halftime show  - the Beyonce concert – and the game. There is so much hype before the game and everyone is talking about them. I wonder which is going to be the best commercial this year?

My ultimate favorite commercial is the 2010 XLIV  Betty White Snickers commercial, where she gets tackled and gets up to meet the guys in the huddle. The only way she will feel like herself  and energized is by eating a Snickers bar. I think this is one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials as of yet. The fact that you have 91-year-old Betty White playing tackle football and taking a hit as if she is 20-something is hilarious.

Who is going to top that? We shall see today, 2/3/13, in Super Bowl XLVII. Is it going to be a Bud Lite, Miller Lite, or a Doritos commercial to be the top commercial this year?

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