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The Top 5 Reasons Why MLB Needs New Umpires

1) Ryan Dempster throws intentionally at Alex Rodriguez four times in a row, and doesn’t get tossed.

2) The New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy and Terry Collins get tossed for arguing a call.  An Atlanta Braves player got called safe on a play that clearly showed that he was out.  The umpires: reviewed this play, saw that he was out, and still said that he was safe.

3) When they are unsure of a play, they stand by their call, instead of appealing to another umpire.

4) They are anti-instant replay, because that will show what a bad job they’re doing.  They’ll deny it and deny it, but, we all know it’s true.

5) They give certain teams and players preferential treatment.  They can deny this, too, but, facts are facts.

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