Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers

Chargers and Raiders to play at 11:35 pm ET

Chargers vs Raiders

The Chargers at Raiders game is now pushed back to 11:35 pm, ET, due to the game time of the Oakland A’s. The two teams share their home stadium, the O.Co coliseum. This is the second time this season that NFL football has been second in line to the MLB. (The 2013 season opener was switched from Baltimore to Denver, due to the Baltimore Orioles schedule.)

The A’s will be hosting an American League Divisional Series (ALDS) playoff game on October 5th, and because that game will be early in the day, the AFC West divisional game will be pushed back.

While this isn’t much trouble for the two west coast teams, this means that any east coast Charger or Raider fans are out of luck, (unless they want to stay up until, potentially, 3 am!)

UPDATE: According to NFL.com, The game will air on NFL Network and on Westwood One, as well as on over-the-air stations (TBA) locally in San Diego and Oakland.

Written by Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson

Mariah Robertson is a public relations professional and a lifelong San Diego Chargers fan. A Southern California native, she loves watching football with her friends and family every week! Find her on Twitter and Instagram @Mahryeuh

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