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It’s a Great Week to be a Jets Fan


Regardless of a team-record of 20 penalties, the New York Jets won their second consecutive home game against the Buffalo Bills.

Rising star Geno Smith made a couple of ugly mistakes, but luckily was able to make up for them throughout the game.  This past Sunday, Smith threw for over 300 yards and a pair of long distance touchdowns. One of the most shocking plays of the game was a 69 yard touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes to take back the lead in the fourth quarter. Besides the offense, the Jets’ defense also once again stood its ground, gaining eight sacks during that one afternoon.

This was a must win game for both the Jets and the Bills: losing this game would have put them at the bottom of the AFC East, and it would be difficult for them to dig themselves out. Although the Jets proved they were superior, every game this season will be a must win. To be at the top takes both the skill of the players and the knowledge and expertise of the coaching staff.

Besides player penalties, head coach Rex Ryan made a few big mistakes himself. The Jets were hurt by a pair of poor challenge decisions which cost them two second half timeouts. Now, we all know there has been problems in the past caused by Ryan, but so far this season he is making more conscience decisions. For instance, he did make a bold decision to start a rookie during week one and has kept a strong lock on the faith he has in Geno Smith.

Without a doubt this will be a very exciting season for Jets fans all over the tri-state. There is no knowing what will happen for the duration of the season. One thing is for sure though: the New York Jets are ready to show the rest of the NFL what they are made of.

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Written by Kristi Delahanty

Kristi Delahanty

Kristi is currently a junior at William Paterson University in New Jersey where she is studying communications with a focus in public relations. She loves to live a fast paced and exciting lifestyle, and has always loved to write. Kristi has many sports interests but mostly follows football. Growing up in the tri-state, sports has always been somthing she had a passion for. Being a New York Jets fan was something she was pretty much born into, and is still a die-hard fan today.

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