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New York Giants: 2013 Predictions

By: MarineCorps NewYork

The 2013 New York Giants season is practically upon us.  Before the boys in blue kick it off on Sunday night in Dallas, let’s take a look at the long road ahead.






These are five wins that the Giants should get easily, which means they will be lucky to come away with two, maybe three. The Oakland Raiders will be lucky to win four games, total, this season, but don’t be surprised if one of those wins is against the New York Football Giants.  The Week 10 matchup falls right after the bye and it is the first game for the Giants in the dreaded month of November.  What are the chances the G-Men properly gear up for this game or any of these should-wins?  I think slim, but I hope they prove me wrong.




The Manning Bowl never lives up to the hype.  More likely than not, the 2013 version will be yet another snooze-fest.  Peyton will remain undefeated against Eli in the regular season.  However, if the two happen to meet up again in the post-season for Super Bowl XLVIII, then I’d give the edge to Eli.

But getting back to reality, what the Giants do have going for them against Denver and Seattle is that they will be playing them at home in New Jersey, where the altitude and the 12th Man can’t get to them.  Since there will be no threat of 11 consecutive false starts, the Week 15 contest against the likely favored Seahawks is going to come down to who needs it more.





The Giants could run the table here.  I can see the Bears and Vikings being wins four and five as the Giants cruise to yet another 5-2 start.  Green Bay of course presents more of a challenge, but I suspect that the Giants are still in the Packers’ heads a bit after shellacking them 38-10 last season and knocking them out of the playoffs (again!) in 2011.

If my calculations are correct, that gives the Giants five to seven wins.  The NFC East could be won with nine, maybe eight or even seven, if things go horribly wrong across the board, but, in all likelihood, it will take 10 or more.  That means the Giants will need to win at least half of these:







Take a look at this list and consider the history.  Three is doable.  Splitting each series is definitely within the realm of possibility.  Five, on the other hand, is a lot to ask.  Six isn’t going to happen.

The Giants will remain undefeated at Jerry World.  They will also take at least one from the Eagles.  Washington’s season hinges on the health and strength of Robert Griffin’s right knee, so who knows where they are by Weeks 13 and 17.  If he is healthy, then the Giants and Redskins are going to be dueling down the stretch for the division, while Dallas watches on their ridiculously huge Jumbotrons.

Of course, there is no predicting exactly what will happen, especially this season.  There are too many variables: Cruz and Nicks’ health, Da’Rel Scott’s ability to fill in for Andre Brown, the loss of Stevie Brown, JPP’s health, the revamped and injured OL, a revamped and also banged up defensive line, new linebackers, a new kicker.  Feel free to stop me when your head begins to spin.

However, the one thing that I can practically guarantee is that the season comes down to the final game—Week 17 at home against Washington for all the marbles.

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Written by Hollie

Hollie is a diehard fan of the New York Football Giants and Boston Red Sox. She grew up in Rhode Island and has spent her entire life answering the question, “Why are you a Giants fan?” The simple answer is that she was born this way. Her father was a Giants fan long before the New England Patriots existed, and he passed down to his daughter his love for football and his loyalty to the Giants. One cold January morning, when Hollie was five-years-old, she remembers waking up and asking her father, “Did we win?” “We” of course meaning the Giants, who, yes, had won Super Bowl XXI the night before. This is her first memory as a Giants fan. Today, Hollie lives in Los Angeles, where she is a production assistant at the NFL Network. She also writes her for her own blog, A Fan Divided.

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  1. Well written and so far her predictions are correct. The editor was probably “onhergame” when proofreading this article.

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