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The Melody of a New Orleans Saints Victory!!

By DatNOLAgirl

What’s that sound?  Did you hear that?   It fills the air all throughout New Orleans.  It’s the melody of life played out through our music.  Whether it’s jazz, gospel, rhythm & blues, zydeco music is just as much a way of life as cheering for the beloved Saints.  Even the way they talk has a melodic ring to it.

This weekend, like so many other days in New Orleans, the two (music and Saints) were married once again at the home opener.  The city was buzzing, not only, with the return and potential redempSEAN season for coach Sean Payton but also with opening the season at home against rival and archenemy Atlanta Falcons.  The Saints were able to second line their way to victory with a score of 23-17, but let’s melodically break down the good bad and ugly of the Saints’ win.


Pitch Perfect:  WR Marques “Quiet Storm” Colston became the Saints’ all time reception leader on his touchdown reception from Drew Brees.  Usually the majority of good things happen on the offensive side of the ball but against the Falcons the Saints’ defense was the key to winning this game.  There was pressure on Atlanta’s QB Matt Ryan, forced fumbles, interceptions, tipped balls and good tackles – already an improvement from last year.  Shout outs to Rob Ryan, Roman Harper and Kenny Vaccaro.


A Little Flat:  The offense started off a little slow and out of rhythm.   Drew Brees had a few miscues, throwing an almost 2nd interception as well as behind receivers, which potentially stalled scoring drives.   An offense as good as Drew and krewe, however, can’t and won’t be held down for long – accounting for over 300 yards of offense.  The highlights would be the usage of the running backs Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles.  Be on the look out for a the New Orleans Saints’ running backs to march to the beat of a different drum than previous seasons.


Off Key:  No secret that RB Mark Ingram has had less than stellar performances since being drafted in the first round.  Once again he did not impress with his lackluster performance.  He needs to fine tune otherwise he may find himself singing in a different band.  Additionally, Saints fans have been spoiled by the high scoring offense that touchdowns are expected whenever the Saints are in the red zone.  The Saints were 2-4 in the red zone.


The Encore: Usually this comes at the end of the performance, but in this case it happened in the beginning.  Former Saint Steve Gleason, who was stricken with ALS, started the most deafening Who Dat cheer before the game.  Words cannot describe the feeling that permeated the Dome.  You had to have been there.  All I can say is…. goose bumps.


The music and 2nd line doesn’t stop here, it’s only the beginning.  But I definitely like what I’m hearing.


Let’s Geaux Saints!!!

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Written by Keila

Keila’s sports oriented family taught her the love and appreciation of all sports, especially football. Some of her fondest family memories are of Sundays in front of the television watching battles of the gridiron. As a child, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Keila would often say, “the first black female NFL coach. “ As a native of New Orleans, she has been a devoted Saints fan since the time she could say “Who Dat.” After graduating from Xavier University in New Orleans, her quest for higher learning brought her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she currently resides. Living in the land of the New Orleans Saints’ archrival has not proven to be difficult for her. Living in a “house divided”, as her husband is fan of the home team, can sometimes be challenging. Keila has been able to cultivate a love for sports, including football, in her two sons and has even managed to groom them into young Saints fans (even though her husband might say otherwise).

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