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Detroit Pistons Player Analysis: Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe (/courtesy of National Basketball Association)

Day 9: Greg “Moose” Monroe

History: Monroe played at Georgetown University where he won the Big East Rookie of the Year.  He then went on to be selected with the 7th overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons.  On July 7, 2010, Monroe signed with the Pistons- where he still plays the Center/Forward position.

Strengths:  As a multifaceted lefty big-man with the skill set of a guard, Monroe can score with a plethora of moves in the low post.  He is also a willing passer and regularly expresses his knowledge of the game.

Weaknesses:  Monroe has admitted to wanting to improve his defensive game- namely the block shot category where he averaged 0.7 bpg last season.  For the success of Detroit he should be looking to at least double that this season.  While we’re on the subject of general Pistons improvement, the equation of Andre Drummond and Monroe will prove very effective with Drummond in the post and Moose in the elbow.  This leaves Monroe having to master his 18 ft jumper to correctly space the court.

What To Expect:  I’m going to use this space to talk about some rumors surrounding Monroe.  The Pistons have until the 31st of this month to sign Monroe to a five-year, maximum salary contract.  The fact that they haven’t yet implies that Moose might be the next man to wind up in a trade.  The Pistons will probably extend this kind of offer to Drummond instead.  In my opinion, Monroe is a great asset to the team and definitely factors in the Pistons being a playoff team this season.  He is young and has a lot of good, solid years ahead of him.  He is a budding star that needs a great supporting cast…not to mention he is very graceful and professional for a young player.

Written by Krisha

Krisha attends Eastern Michigan University, studying Computer Science, Business, and Philosophy. She works as Brand Guide at Victoria’s Secret, as a Social Media Specialist for J IV Media, and at the Detroit Observatory in Ann Arbor. She writes about sports recreationally and out of a deep love for the game.

One comment on “Detroit Pistons Player Analysis: Greg Monroe

  1. I would love to see OKC try to workout a deal for Monroe. Put him next to Ibaka , Durant , and Westbrook and that would be tough to deal with for opposing teams. Starting line up Westbrook, Morrow, Durant, Ibaka, and Monroe. Bench would be Waiters, Roberson, Jones III, Adams. Durant would be shooting open three’s instead of contested three’s. Westbrook would have an open lane to drive instead of a congested one. Ibaka, well he would be Ibaka and that is great. This team would contend for a title immediately. If I were Sam Presti I would offer Perkins, McGary, and Jackson (and would even throw in one more like Lamb if needed for Monroe.) This could be a long term BIG move for OKC. Then I would try to sign him long term. That might entice Durant to re-up his contract. Knowing that they would be the front runner for a title in every year after that. Until OKC gets a big man, they will just be exciting, but I don’t see a title until they can throw it down low and feed off of that. Durant is a once in a lifetime player, but he cannot do it all by himself. A scoring big man would just let Durant and Westbrook destroy the league. (as if they aren’t already) but there would be no mistake who the best team is.

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