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New England Patriots: We Need To Keep From Losing

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I was really excited to see Rob Gronkowski on the field this week! And by the looks of it, Tom Brady was too. Brady seemed more relaxed to have some reliability on the field with him. But sadly the Gronk himself could not make the Patriots a better team.

It seems that our defense was beaten by injury. With Aquib Talib out, and the two defensive  captains WIlfork, and Mayo done for the year, the Patriots seemed to be suffering… Against the Jets, the Patriots seemed to lose momentum in the second half. And by seems to, they defiantly lost the momentum.

Now we can make excuses for the team as much as we want, the simple fact is the Patriots should not have gone into overtime with the Jets. We dominated the first half. My friend Vin keeps telling my “if you want to win, you have to keep from losing.” And the Patriots cannot seem to grasp this concept. It basically says what I firmly believe is the key to football, DEFENSE!!

If you have a good defense then you can prevent the other team from scoring points. The defense is what keeps a team from losing.  For the Patriots, our strong defense is on the IR list. It also does not help that we no longer have an offense that is capable of putting up major points in clutch positions of the game.

People are going to argue the reason we lost to the Jets was based on a bogus call. Yes that might be true, but the real truth is that the defense lost the game the whole second half. The Patriots should not have been in a position that a penalty would cost the game. The way the Patriots played in the first half, they should have steamrolled over the Jets, not let the Jets comeback and win the game.

Moving forward, the Patriots have signed defensive end Andre Carter (a player I am excited to see) and defensive tackle Sealver Siliga in hopes to strengthen the injured defense and not lose games.

But we can not just put the blame on the defense, in the words of Bill Belichick, we need to improve in all three phases of the game. The Patriots offense is not perfect by any means and as we saw many imperfections on Sunday when they were unable to complete first down, and  neither is the special teams unit which allowed the overtime winning field goal kick.. Each player needs to step up and do their part, if we want a run at the Superbowl. And let me tell you, I want another Superbowl!!

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Written by Nikki R.

My name is Nikki Romanuk and I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in New England, and am currently a Communications major at the University of New Hampshire. I have been a football fan my whole life. My favorite team is the Patriots. The Patriots as an organization just fascinates me from the players and coaches all the way to their prominent role in the community. In addition to the Patriots I love the Bruins.

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