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New York Giants; Staying positive

NY Giants Lombardi Trophies

NY Giants Lombardi Trophies


As a die hard New York Giants fan, it is safe to say the season so far has been rather heavy on the heart. An 0-6 record is not the ideal way to start off the season for any team in the NFL, let alone the one you practice as your religion. As true blue Giants fans, we must continue to have faith in our team no matter how hard that may currently be. Keeping an open mind about the rest of the season, here are some positives you can focus on for now;

1. Although we are 0-6, the Giants have gotten closer and closer to winning every game that has been played, therefore the Giants have a chance of winning against the Vikings this upcoming week, and several other games throughout the season.

2. We have four Lombardi Trophies, which also means we have four Super Bowl DVDs to watch at any given moment we so choose to give us that boost of victory we need.

3. The knock knock jokes of “Owen4,” “Owen5,” and “Owen6″ got old the first time they were said, therefore as hilarious as the joke teller thinks they truly are, they are simply nothing but old news.

4. Regardless of how great Tom Brady seems to be this year, we beat him in the Super Bowl….. twice, might I add?

5. Purchasing tickets for games on any ticket resale website has shown recently for lower prices, meaning once the Giants win a game, which they will, we will have seats to see that game.

6. God forbid this strike continues, first round draft picks for next year!!

7. Losing builds character.

8. Giants apparel is also easier to find on sale right now.

9. At this point in the game, all of the bandwagon fans have fallen off, so there is nothing left but the true blue Giants fans!!

10. Lastly, we just need to keep having faith in our boys. Negativity and disappointment is not going to help anyone succeed. Stay true to the team, and say a prayer that we make it out of this season alive!!

Written by Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Silvestri and I am a sophomore at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA. I am a Communications/Public Relations major with a Sports Management minor. I am a die hard New York Giants fan, and it has been embedded into my head since a little girl. I hope you enjoy my articles.

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