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“Trickery” in New Orleans Saints Loss to Patriots?

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With Halloween on the horizon how fitting that the New Orleans Saints got tricked into a loss against the New England Patriots.  This loss was almost as bad as coming home from trick or treating and finding all raisins or pennies (things my mom used to give out) in your bag. Talk about major disappointment.  Did I mention I don’t like Brady…so the loss is that much more gut wrenching.   Let’s look at how the grim reaper stole our undefeated season.

Offensive Ghosts: New England’s Aqib Talib did a great job covering Saints’ Jimmy Graham who was without a catch.  Both would later leave the game with injuries.  Even with Graham being a nonfactor, the Saints offense has more weapons that Drew Brees needs to ensure he uses.  But the Saints’ offense performed a disappearing act in the last five minutes of the 4th quarter with two ineffective drives.  I understand running the ball to keep the clock moving; unfortunately, the Saints’ running game is not the most prolific.  So relying on it to get you the game winning first down, was probably not the smartest of game plans.  Gotta play to win; not play to not lose.

Coaching Cobwebs: Once again…I LOVE Sean Payton.  Now just because you love someone doesn’t mean you don’t question their decisions.  This is the NFL.  Keep your foot on the gas….whether you are up by 4 or 44.  Yeah, some may call it poor sportsmanship but you get paid for W’s not for being nice.  That’s like winning Ms. Congeniality.  Who wants that!  Guess that’s why I’m not a coach, huh?!!?

Hocus Pocus: Now I’m not trying to be a sore loser or anything, but rewind your tape from three minutes in the fourth quarter until the end of the game.  Seems to me, some kind of way, the Patriots got awarded an extra timeout.  I’m just saying…rewind the tape(I’m showing my age—you know what I mean).  The outcome may not have been any different but you just never know what Belichick trickery was afoot.

Rotten Refs: Yes you have to play through adversity but you shouldn’t have to play against the refs too.  There were a few questionable calls and no calls as I’m sure there are in every game.  Just a few that came at inopportune times…Malcolm Jenkins’ personal foul for leading with his shoulder, the offside call that miraculously changed to a Saints’ false start, the “no call” on the hit on Darren Sporles.  And the last play where the Saints were left holding their heads in disbelief….in actuality there was a major hold on Junior Galette on the last play of the game.  I’m sure it would have had an outcome on that touchdown winning throw.  Google it and tell me what you think.

Anyway, I know my Who Dats are mystified by this loss but better now than in January.  The Saints are 5-1 going into the bye week  with some tough games still to come.  No doubt the Saints are making adjustments and coming back with a vengeance.



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Written by Keila

Keila’s sports oriented family taught her the love and appreciation of all sports, especially football. Some of her fondest family memories are of Sundays in front of the television watching battles of the gridiron. As a child, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Keila would often say, “the first black female NFL coach. “ As a native of New Orleans, she has been a devoted Saints fan since the time she could say “Who Dat.” After graduating from Xavier University in New Orleans, her quest for higher learning brought her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she currently resides. Living in the land of the New Orleans Saints’ archrival has not proven to be difficult for her. Living in a “house divided”, as her husband is fan of the home team, can sometimes be challenging. Keila has been able to cultivate a love for sports, including football, in her two sons and has even managed to groom them into young Saints fans (even though her husband might say otherwise).

2 comments on ““Trickery” in New Orleans Saints Loss to Patriots?

  1. This is really good article on a lot of things I missed in this game due to where I was watching the game. I also am from New Orleans and reside in Atlanta and the FAILCANT’S were ready to jump down my throat. It’s amazing to me how everyone know the refs cheat in NE and nothing is being done about it. Thats crazy

    • Yeah sometimes you gotta play through all of it but it shouldn’t be that way. Trying to point out the obvious and not be a sore loser. We’ll see who’s still around in January. Thanks for reading. WHO DAT!!!

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